Design & Technology

Bolt 37 has been carefully designed and engineered by Ker Yacht Design and Engineering S.L. Jason Ker and his team are leaders in the design of fast racing yachts with competitive ratings. Designs from the Ker office have achieved many successes on the race course and have won many international trophies around the world.

Ker Yacht Design and Engineering S.L. is an internationally renowned yacht design office with a reputation for consistently delivering innovative and highly competitive IRC designed racing yachts. Jason Ker and his team remain at the technological forefront of yacht design. Every design goes through a rigorous technical process which utilizes their full spectrum of sophisticated research tools; in particular their advanced use of Numeca Fine-Marine CFD software running on their advanced compute cluster in Valencia gives a unique advantage, in combination with advanced mathematical optimisation methods which allow deep exploration of the design space. An aerospace level fully parametric 3d CAD system ensures that every part is designed in place with absolute precision and an advanced FEA system allows the engineers to optimise strength and weight.
The Bolt 37, is the latest design from the Ker design office and encompasses the designer’s instinct for developing sleek high performance boats backed up by state of the art technology and science.
Ker Yacht Design specifies high quality materials and processes for this competitively priced, high performance purpose-built racing boat. Construction is by CSC Composites in Istanbul, a company specialising in carbon and fibreglass mould and boat production. The construction team is additionally supported by international consultants with a proven track record in the composite industry.